EscapeWorks Denver

Tuesday, May 12, 2020
7:00PM - 9:00PM

1529 Champa St.
Denver, CO 80202

Escape rooms are the hottest, most fun team building activities around and EscapeWorks is Denver’s premier escape room. Your puzzle-solving team will enter one of five unique, theme-based rooms: Murder at the Speakeasy, Zombie Outbreak, Egyptian Tomb, Casino Heist, War Games. Each room is designed to provide a completely immersive experience. You’ll feel the pulse-pounding thrill of trying to break into a casino vault or being transported back to the time of prohibition and the excitement of finding your way into a gangster’s speakeasy. Within each room are puzzles, clues, and codes that must be deciphered as you race with your friends against a ticking clock. One hour, one room, one way out… Can you escape? Sign up to find out.