Travel Info


For flight, restaurants, or getting around, see the Las Vegas Strip Map or the Getting around Vegas sections of the Visit Las Vegas website.

Transportation Options


Lyft and Uber are currently authorized to provide ride sharing services at the airport.  Simply arrange for a ride using the app on your smart phone or mobile device.  

Customers are allowed to be dropped off at the airport’s departures curbs at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3

Taxi Service

Taxicabs are available on the east side of baggage claim, outside door exits 1-4.  Airport personnel are available to help queue the lines and provide assistance as needed.

At Terminal 3, taxis are conveniently located outside on Level Zero. There are 20 taxi loading positions on the west end of the building to serve domestic travelers and 10 loading positions on the east side of the building to accommodate international travelers. Quick exit lanes will allow traffic to leave the airport quickly and airport personnel are available to assist as needed.

Additional Information

For additional car service information, train and bus options, or other modes of transportation available in Las Vegas, visit the Getting Around Vegas section of the Visit Las Vegas website.