SAEM19 Child Care


SAEM, in partnership with Rosh Review, is pleased to offer a $100 credit to attendees that purchase in-room child care services from Nannies & Housekeepers USA during educational hours of the SAEM19 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas. 

Rosh Review and SAEM are both committed to providing high-quality education to emergency medicine professionals. For working parents, the challenge of finding affordable, convenient, and quality child care solutions can limit access to their education at national conferences.

SAEM is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all of its members, including those with small children, and strives to make education accessible for everyone. As a result, SAEM will provide a child care supplemental stipend to its annual meeting attendees, in partnership with Rosh Review.

How do I receive my credit?

Any SAEM19 registrant who purchases child care from “Nannies & Housekeepers USA” just needs to bring a receipt to our registration desk onsite and we’ll provide reimbursement up to $100.


SAEM19 Child Care Sponsored By:

Rosh Review