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Meet, Greet, and Tweet

Thursday, May 13, 2021
1:00 PM – 1:50 PM CT

Emergency medicine (EM) has taken a unique and leading role on Twitter in disseminating content and creating a community of practice. Over the past decade, several emergency providers have risen to national prominence as thought leaders in EM through their twitter presence (e.g. Drs. Megan Ranney, Ali Raja, Gita Pensa, Seth Trueger, and more), covering a broad area of EM including clinical content, policy, and humor. This session will put these all-stars on a panel to highlight how they have curated their online presence to make a name for themselves and how it has influenced their academic careers. After this initial large group session, attendees will break into small groups where aspiring social media academicians can get to know their online icons and ask questions.

Learning Objectives

  • Consume and produce online academic content via Twitter
  • Engage successfully with academic emergency physicians on Twitter
  • Develop a niche in academic EM online content