Candidate statements are listed in alphabetical order.

Lily Leitner Berrin
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

L BerrinI am a second-year medical student at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. I graduated Magna cum Laude from Occidental College in 2013 with honors in Cognitive Science and Spanish and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society. My first career was at the Public Library of Science (PLOS) as a publications assistant, and then publications manager of PLOS Pathogens, a community lead open-access science journal. I worked at PLOS for three and a half years before going back to school to pursue medicine. At PLOS, I gained experience working with an executive board of editors and Editors-in-Chiefs, serving as the liaison between the research community and the publisher. This required excellent skills in leadership, organization, and communication.

I did my pre-medical coursework at the Bryn Mawr Post-Baccalaureate program from 2017-2018, before coming directly to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Although I am a new SAEM member, I have applied to be a medical student ambassador at SAEM20 this year and I recently submitted an abstract to SAEM20. I am running for medical student representative of AGEM to get more involved in an academy that combines both of my interests of geriatric and emergency medicine. I currently serve as a leader in the geriatrics area of concentration at my medical school, coordinating the Geriatric Experience for Medical Student program and the American Geriatric Society Noon Case Series. My past career developed my skills in leadership, consensus building, implementing multi-step projects, communication, and business development. I have continued to grow these skills while serving in leadership roles in medical school.

Understanding how to care for an aging population has been something I have sought out in my medical education through involving myself in our Geriatrics Area of Concentration and seeking out research opportunities to improve geriatric care in the ED and other areas of medicine. Geriatric care is incredibly important in every field of medicine, but it is underrepresented in the curriculum at many medical schools, including my own. Being a part of the AGEM executive committee will enhance my education in these fields. My position as a learner in a new generation of providers, past career, perspective as a non-traditional medical student, and drive to work hard and contribute to a team lend a unique skill set that will allow me to excel as a medical student representative on the AGEM Executive Committee.

If elected to AGEM’s Executive Committee, I hope to accomplish both organizational and personal goals. Areas of need that I see in our current system include geriatric-centered learning at medical schools and service lines for geriatric patients. I hope to create curriculum objectives, modules, and simulation experiences for medical students interested in emergency care that would aid and encourage medical schools to include more geriatric learning opportunities for students. In addition, I believe it would be beneficial to create more extensive protocols and service lines for geriatric patients from the prehospital to post hospital setting with updated recommendations for providers. As a medical student representative, I would work with and support my colleagues on the committee to carry out the joint vision and goals of AGEM. As a medical student, I hope to contribute an additional perspective on issues facing geriatric and general medical care. I want to work with the board to improve geriatric ED care by incorporating the many recent scientific and social innovations in medicine. Furthermore, I hope to learn from the physicians on the board and better understand the challenges they face in their careers both personally and systemically. Having an opportunity to serve on the board of a reputable organization will also give me valuable experience for my career in patient care, leadership, policy, and advocacy. I hope to use this opportunity to begin building a career centered around patient care, but also in contributing to academic societies and advocating for advancement and change for myself, my colleagues, and my patients.

Angel Li
University of Colorado School of Medicine

A LiI am a dual degree MD/MBA student who has collaborated with the geriatrics department at the University of Colorado since my first year of medical school. I have worked on QI projects with the geriatrics department on readmission rates to identify variables that increase risk of readmission. I additionally have helped establish the geriatrics interest group in our medical school and served as the group president.

I am running for office because I want to be involved in identifying opportunities to introduce geriatric emergency medicine as a potential area of interest for medical students. The geriatric patient population continues to grow and will soon overwhelm the limited resources in emergency departments across the country. Geriatric patients present differently and we need additional scholarship to better treat patients seen everyday in the ED. We will need to be proactive in addressing the unique needs of the geriatric population. I hope to increase awareness and also create scholarship opportunities in order to develop a pipeline for future leaders in this field.