Resident Spotlight

In this space, we recognize residents who are making great contributions to the ultrasound community. Thanks for a great job! Want to nominate a resident for the spotlight? Email

James Daley 1

 Name: James Daley

 Residency Program: Yale University

 Year in Residency: EM PGY 3

 Twitter Handle: @DocHolliday85

Research Contributions and Interests:

  • critical care ultrasound and resuscitation 
  • ultrasound for Pulmonary Embolus / TAPSE
  • carotid ultrasound for cerebral blood flow measurement during cardiac arrest
  • use of REBOA in non-traumatic cardiac arrest to improve intra-arrest cerebral and coronary perfusion pressure (my true baby!)

Featured Ultrasound and Current Interest Publications:

Education Contributions and Interests:

  • Regular lectures re: Emergency Medicine to the Bioengineering Medical Device class at Yale School of Medicine
  • Resident-as-Teacher Ultrasound didactics and hands-on teaching to Yale medical students   

Awards or Featured Spotlights:

  • James was interviewed by Mike and Matt of fame for his project on TAPSE as an EM PGY 2. Check it out!

R heart

What I do for fun:

  • Make my new two month old smile and laugh! 
  • Ride motorcycles (not the Harley type – I prefer the elegance of speedy missile-like European manufactured machines that go so fast they make your eyes water).
  • Huge fan of video games (first person shooter games) and just built a custom PC. I’m pretty sure that’s got a lot to do with my passion for ultrasound. 
  • My greatest love is traveling to the developing world (namely Latin America) without a plan and driving off in search of adventure, good company and hidden surf spots. 

Why I joined AEUS: I joined AEUS because I wanted to be part of a community of docs who were all about what I love doing (gratuitous bedside ultrasound).  I knew it would be the right place to find the support from experienced people that I need to launch a career in emergency ultrasound research.