Research Mentorship Committee 


Kristin Carmody, NYU Bellevue Hospital

Like the Education Mentorship Committee, this group is a direct response to requests for more research mentors to provide advice regarding grant review, generating substantial clinical or educational questions for research, review of project methods, and recommendation of most appropriate statistics for projects.

Those requesting mentorship will be paired with recognized researchers who have found success obtaining local and national grants, publishing in our highest level journals, or received higher degrees in statistical methods both regarding clinical or education research.

Mentors and mentees will generate questions and answers to areas such as:

  • How to plan for successful project completion
  • Materials and structure needed for same
  • Timelines
  • Terminology and writing style required for successful grant applications

Mentors and mentees will work on specific projects that will be briefly described at the Annual Meeting.

**Note: pairings are not designed to provide authorship to either the mentor or mentee, but more to streamline the success of a junior researcher. Pitfalls and ineffectual time-wastes can be avoided using a mentoring process.

Join this Committee to either become or find a mentor. Email the Chair or aeus@saem.orgto find out more. Please feel free to recommend mentors who you have found helpful.