Education Content Committee 

This committee creates and develops much of the educational resources displayed on our website and presented during the Annual Meeting. Becoming involved is a great way of getting to meet colleagues of all experience levels to make truly innovative content or programs.

Although this committee has several standing tasks to complete, the projects are we pursue are open and completely up to its membership. 

Educational Content Committee Chairs:

Examples of tasks designated to this committee:

  • Submission of at least 2 didactics on behalf of AEUS for presentation at the Annual Meeting
  • Spearheading the material appearing in the Resident, Fellow and Faculty Corner pages – no easy feat! This could be collating resources for young faculty, soliciting pearls and pitfalls of starting an ultrasound program, building educational portfolios and more!
  •  Designing surveys used to poll our community to find answers to frequently asked questions
  •  Soliciting case and image bank submissions
  •  Creating resources for regular social media shout outs
  •  Aid Taskforce submissions for the AEUS Narrated Series, SonoRoundTable and the AEUS Special Sessions Pre-Convention workshop
  •  Provide faculty volunteers for SonoGames®

To express interest in joining this committee, email the Chairs or aeus@saem.orgto find out more.