Diversity 301

Continuing on the structure of the previous Diversity sessions, this continuing curriculum on diversity education focused on diversity advocacy, transgender health and religious diversity. Through group problem solving sessions, panel discussions, and expert lectures, Diversity 301 expanded the knowledge and skill set of participants to allow them to become leaders in diversity endeavors both locally and nationally.



Welcome- Jeff Druck, MD

Why Diversity Matters- Joel Moll, MD


  • List objective elements that diversity improves, as well as listing the ethical requirements for diversity.

How to Sway the Undecided –Bernie Lopez, MD


  • Delineate strategies for convincing those uncertain about supporting diversity efforts to firm supporters of diversity endeavors.

Dealing with Unprofessional Behavior- Peer to peer/To Superior/To Student: Interactive session (Marcia Perry, MD)


  • Identify strategies for dealing with racist, sexist, and gender-biased behavior in peers, students, and superiors.

Religion in Medicine: Panel discussion- Ava Pierce moderating; Kathy Clem, MD (7th Day Adventist), Najam Fasiuddin, MD (Islam), Moishe Weisberg, MD (Jewish) 


  • List difficult patient issues that focus on religious issues from a patient, and subsequently from a provider, standpoint.

Transgender Health- Shannon McNamara, MD& Sarah Cham Sante, MD


  • Identify barriers to transgender care and identify best practices for improving transgender health

Diversity Group Therapy- Solving our problems together 


  • List specific problems group individuals have encountered, and discuss as a group how to solve diversity related issues.