Marcus L. Martin Leadership Award:

To be awarded annually to an individual who has made significant and sustained contributions to the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine's (SAEM) missions:

  1. to promote and attain diversity within emergency medicine residencies and the overall physician workforce and
  2. to improve patient care by advancing research and education in emergency medicine.

Visionary Educator Award:  2016 Winner - Dr. Michael Beeson

To be presented annually to an individual that has demonstrated an extraordinary impact on the academic success of students or residents from underrepresented minority groups.

Outstanding Academician Award:  2016 Winner - Dr. Ava Pierce

To be presented annually to an individual who by virtue of their scholarship has addressed health disparities in EM and/or promoted cultural competency and diversity in the workplace.

Outstanding Future Academician Award:  2016 Winner -  Dr. Java Tunson

To be presented annually to an underrepresented minority resident or medical student who has demonstrated a commitment to the principles of inclusion and diversity through his/her work in the fields of education, research or service.