ADIEM Membership

Why Join ADIEM?

Attention to diversity, inclusion, social justice and health equity is at it's peak in our country.  In addition, we see have seen an increased focus and attention by national organizations such as AAMC, ACEP, LCME, AGME and others. ADIEM has been the pioneer and leaders in highlighting and addressing diversity, inclusion and healthcare disparities. Our mission is clear.

  • To promote equal access to quality healthcare and the elimination of disparities in treatment and outcomes through education and research
  • To enhance the retention and promotion of those historically under-represented in medicine (including Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender, LGBT) and to create an inclusive environment for the training of emergency medicine providers; specifically using the AAMC’s guide “to unite expertise, experience and innovation to inform and guide the advancement of diversity and inclusion in emergency medicine”
  • To enhance the professional development of all EM faculty and residents with respect to culturally competent medical care 



ADIEM Membership Benefits