LGBT Patient Advocacy

Kelly KleinName: Dr. Kelly Klein
Title: Associate Professor
Institution: University of Texas Southwestern  

Dr. Klein originally hails from NYC and has lived everywhere from New York to Maine, and Michigan to Texas with brief stints in the UK and the Caribbean. Her career paths have taken her in many directions from sailing on traditional sailboats, teaching environmental and experiential education; to prehospital work in wilderness medicine, search and rescue, flight paramedic and finally after a dare to going to medical school and becoming an emergency medicine physician. She completed her residency at Detroit Receiving Hospital in Michigan, which was followed by a two year CDC funded fellowship in WMD-Disaster Medicine and EMS where she engaged in hands on disaster courses in radiation, chemical, biological, and decontamination. Aside from academia, she is part of a DMAT, which has allowed her to be deployed to multiple real world disaster events. At present, she is an associate professor at the University of Texas Southwestern medical center at Dallas where she is part of the division of Emergency and Disaster Global Health and clinically works at Parkland Hospital. She is an active instructor both nationally and internationally for the National Disaster Life Support Foundation series of courses and has the privilege of being an associate editor for the “purple journal”. She continues to lecture on disaster and EM topics nationally and internationally and is about to embark on an MPH.

Joel MollName: Dr. Joel Moll
Title: Residency Program Director, Associate Professor
Institution: Virginia Commonwealth University  

 Joel Moll is residency Program Director and Associate Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. He has published multiple articles and textbook chapters, presents internationally and nationally, and serves on many national committees, including being Past President of the Society of Academic Emergency Medicine’s Academy of Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Medicine. Interests include graduate medical education, curriculum development, diversity and inclusion, and LGBT healthcare disparities.


Breena TairaName: Dr. Vicken Totten
Title: Faculty, Institutional Research Director
Institution: Kaweah Delta Hospital District 

Raised in many parts of the country in a profoundly academic family; Dr. Totten studied Psychology and Linguistics at the University of Southern California. After a year at Waseda University in Japan, she added Pre-Med and matriculated to Loyola U School of Medicine in 1975. An internship in Tennessee and two years in the US Public Health Service later, she returned to CA for a family medicine residency in Merced and grandfathered into EM in 1986. For 10 years she worked in small rural (and under-resourced) EDs all around the Central Valley while raising three children alone. After a year in Sweden as an emergency physician, she moved to Brooklyn to start the academic portion of my career. 

Raised in a gender-fluid family, Dr. Totten was co-president of USC's Gay Student Alliance at USC during 1971-2 academic year. she was interested in how language shapes thought, and studied much of the early gay, lesbian, and transgender literature. Her academic work included circadian disruption, teaching methods, and adult learning. Other areas of interest are international development of emergency medicine the specialty; mentoring the young in research methods, and global EM. She is a member of SAEM, ACEP, AAEM, IFEM, and founding member of GEMA. Currently advocating for appropriate medical treatment of transgendered etc persons in Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine, she has partnered with Horizons activist Nicolas Calvo-Rosenstone to educate physicians on the medical needs of non-gender conforming persons. 

After 40 years on the front line, Dr. Totten is retiring from the active practice of clinical medicine and will devote herself to teaching what she is asked to teach, if it is in her repertoire.