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Secretary Candidates


  • MAXWELL_Steve4x5 - Stephen Maxwell
    Stephen Maxwell, MSM

    AAAEM Secretary Nominee

    University of Michigan

    It is with great enthusiasm that I express my strong interest for the AAAEM Secretary role. My Emergency Medicine experience includes the last eight years as the Chief Department Administrator for the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Michigan. Prior to joining Emergency Medicine, I was the administrator for General Surgery at the University of Michigan. Before joining General Surgery, I was the Director of Finance for the Cardiovascular Center at the University of Michigan. Other healthcare experiences prior to joining the University of Michigan include the Director of Finance at an integrated system in SE Michigan, and other finance roles at hospitals in San Antonio, Texas and Panama City Florida. I began my career in banking in the early 90’s while living in Washington, DC. My BA is from Michigan State University, and I have a masters in finance from Troy University. My volunteer experience with AAAEM includes the last seven years participating on the Benchmark Committee. I have utilized this opportunity to focus on the research side of the survey and have been fortunate to be able to present some of the research finding on behalf of the committee to the AAAEM conference as well as at SAEM. For the last several years, I have also participated on the strategic planning committee and helped in developing the membership survey and consolidating and reporting results of that survey. This past year, I have been one of the members-at-large of the Executive Committee of AAAEM. I have also provided two lectures per year for the last three years to the SAEM Chair Development program. I have gained much from my participation within AAAEM and have found great value in using the data from our survey to influence decisions at my home institution. I believe that continuing to serve on the board would provide an additional venue for engagement and an opportunity to engage in some areas of the specialty that I find interesting. In particular, I am curious about the resources necessary to grow, develop and maintain a research infrastructure within an Emergency Medicine department. I feel there are learnings that we can share across departments, and that as a specialty we have an opportunity to grow and expand our impact within medicine. I am excited to submit this letter and to be considered for this board. I have gained greatly from the society and appreciate the opportunity to continue contributing to an organization that has provided so much value to me. I look forward to continued partnership with the other members and sharing how my passions, skills and experiences could contribute to the AAAEM leadership team and appreciate the opportunity to be considered for this important role.

  • Katy Oksuita, MS

    AAAEM Secretary Nominee

    University Wisconsin Madison

    I am interested in this position because I care about the standards of our AAAEM and the power of advocacy we have as a group. Our work benefits the specialty of Emergency Medicine, and we can make a significant impact on people’s lives. I began my career in medicine (surgery) in 2009 and joined the emergency medicine specialty in 2010, first as a Residency Coordinator and then Education Director, culminating in being awarded the EMRA coordinator of the year award in 2014. I then transitioned into leadership administration, first the Assistant Department Administrator and then became the Chief Administrative Officer in 2017. I take pride in my ability to communicate, while remaining open to and respectful of differing viewpoints. The relationships I have formed serve as constant inspiration to continue my service. I have found a family within AAAEM, and I pledge to foster this feeling of belonging within all members. Given my experience and sense of purpose to our specialty, academic medicine, and administration leadership at large, I would be honored to contribute to the improvement of our profession and society. Thank you!


Member-at-Large Candidates


  • Ambrosya Amlong

    AAAEM Member-at-Large Nominee

    University of Kansas

    I am honored to have the opportunity to represent the members of the AAAEM in an at-large position. I am passionate about making the academy as resourceful as possible for its members.

  • DCL Head shot current - Diane Lee
    Diane Lee, DBA, MBA

    AAAEM Member-at-Large Nominee

    Einstein Healthcare Network

    I am the Administrator for the Department of Emergency Medicine at Einstein Healthcare Network, a healthcare organization serving over 160,000 patients annually at three emergency departments in Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania. In addition to providing leadership for program operations, outreach, financial oversight, strategic planning, program development, and business opportunities, administrative responsibilities extend to support for the department divisions and management of emergency medical services (EMS) contracts, ultrasound sonography, toxicology services, clinical research studies, and medical education programs. Over a span of 25 years, I have held positions in diverse healthcare environments including primary care and specialty care services, community health centers, academic hospital based ambulatory sites and private practices. Key organizational initiatives involved implementing and monitoring systems and processes to optimize operational and financial performance with a continued focus on employed population health management as an important collaborative strategy to enhance patient centered care delivery, control cost of care, and impact health outcomes. In addition to a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA), I hold an MBA in Marketing and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Drexel University. I have been an active member of AAAEM for the past five years and have greatly benefited from networking at the annual retreats, utilizing data from the benchmark surveys, and serving on the IDEA Committee to contribute in the decision making process at my institution in a positive way. But it's all about giving back to an organization where I have learned a lot and gained significantly professionally and personally. Joining the AAAEM EC would certainly afford an excellent opportunity to further engage in supporting leadership and strategic initiatives of the Academy. It would also allow me to continue to explore other specialty areas of interests. I am honored to be considered and excited about the work to follow. 

  • Head Shot - Brendan Russell
    Brendan Russell, MBA

    AAAEM Member-at-Large Nominee

    Mass General Brigham

    I currently serve as the Enterprise Vice President of Emergency Medicine at the Mass General Brigham health system in Boston, MA, and previously served as the Executive Director of Emergency Medicine at the Brigham and Women's Hospital, also in Boston, MA. I hold a BBA in Management from the University of Massachusetts ('08) and an MBA from Boston College ('15). I am also currently serving as the Vice Chair of the Education Committee of the AAAEM, working with our committee members to provide meaningful educational experiences and materials for our membership. I am running to serve as a Member-at Large of the Executive Committee because I believe that our academy provides a valuable service to our profession unlike any other professional association, and I am excited at the opportunity to give back to an organization that has done so much for me. I am passionate about emergency medicine and our collective vision to take care of anyone, anything, anytime, while simultaneously advancing and innovating training and research programs. As a healthcare administrator, there's no better place to be connected to the mission than emergency medicine.

  • Kashwayne Williams, MBA, MHA, FACHE

    AAAEM Member-at-Large Nominee

    Washington University in St. Louis - SOM

    Having joined AAAEM at the beginning of the calendar year 2022, I have been impressed at the work and output the academy is involved with, making it a valuable resource for people like myself across the country. Any opportunity to be involved with AAAEM and the Executive Committee would certainly be a tremendous honor.