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The new leadership will take office at the SAEM22 Annual Meeting in New Orleans.



  • Hamza Ijaz, MD


    University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

    "I am currently a third-year resident at the University of Cincinnati and received my medical degree from the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. My interest in organized emergency medicine initially started as a Medical Student Ambassador during SAEM18 where I was given the opportunity to gain mentorship from our leaders within emergency medicine. Since then, I have volunteered my time serving on the RAMS Board as a member-at-large and most recently as the current secretary-treasurer. These opportunities have led me to partnering with the SAEM Program Committee, Faculty Development Committee, and Virtual Presence Committee to create resident and medical student focused content.

    As we transition into the next phase of the pandemic, with growing concerns surrounding the future of the EM workforce, I will ensure that our members have a voice at the table so that our concerns are heard. It is crucial that the solutions being considered incorporate the views of the residents and students they will ultimately affect. In addition, with virtual interviews currently ongoing and uncertainty surrounding the next application cycle, I will make it a priority for RAMS to provide our members with high-yield resources to navigate the next cycle."




Victoria Lynn Zhou

Victoria Lynn Zhou, MD


Penn Medicine

"I am a current PGY-3 resident at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. I moved to (comparatively) warm Philadelphia after spending eight years in upstate New York at the University of Rochester for my undergraduate and medical school education. My passions within emergency medicine include physician wellness and promoting women in emergency medicine.

I became involved with SAEM as a medical student ambassador (MSA) in 2018; this was one of my first exposures to the world of academic EM. The environment of collaboration I witnessed and participated in at SAEM18 was what ultimately solidified my interest in emergency medicine as a specialty.

This past year, I have had the privilege of serving on the RAMS Board as a member-at-large and as the awards committee resident liaison. Working with other board members, I helped create a new MSA scholarship to support future MSAs with the costs of attending the SAEM Annual Meeting. The scholarship was targeted for MSAs who identify as underrepresented minorities and those who demonstrate financial need.

I hope to continue contributing to the organization which first sparked my interest in academic EM and am seeking reelection to the RAMS Board this year as the secretary-treasurer. I believe it is imperative that we continue extending the outreach and influence of SAEM so that more trainees are inspired to pursue a career in academics."




  • Profile - DANIEL ARTIGA
    Daniel Jose Artiga


    UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

    "I am a fourth-year medical student at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. I am excited to become an emergency medicine (EM) resident and contribute to the larger EM community as a member-at-large on the RAMS Board.

    Emergency medicine has critical roles at the front lines of health care and treating the neediest in our communities. These significant responsibilities are why we need to protect our specialty’s future and advocate for our residents’ training. Several new challenges have presented themselves in recent years: projected workforce demand-supply changes, widespread accreditation of residencies, changing common program requirements, and mid-level encroachment. All these issues directly impact EM residents graduating into the workforce, and the key to addressing them is education. We can better advocate for our interests as physicians if we are more informed about the social, financial, and political forces that are defining our practice. As a premiere academic organization, SAEM RAMS can be a generator and curator of the research and evidence of the evolving landscape of our profession. I would love to launch the production of these materials to build baseline knowledge surrounding these concerns to propel current and future generations of EM physicians."

  • Taylor Brown
    Taylor E. Brown, MD


    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School

    "I am a PGY-1 emergency medicine resident Bat eth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. I completed undergrad at Stanford University and medical school at Harvard Medical School (HMS). I have a background in sexual violence advocacy and trauma-informed care. During my time in medical school, I became involved in medical education while continuing my advocacy work. I helped to create the HMS Trauma-Informed Care Curricular Steering Committee and successfully advocated for the integration of trauma-informed care (TIC) into the HMS curriculum.

    Emergency Medicine is such an exciting field, but we still have work to do in supporting our residents and medical students through training."

  • Headshot_professional_TaylorDaniel - Taylor Daniel
    Taylor Daniel


    University of Pennsylvania

    "I am a fourth-year medical student at the University of Pennsylvania, currently applying for a residency position in emergency medicine.

    Over the past several months, I’ve enjoyed serving as a medical student representative on the RAMS Board and liaison to the SAEM Education Committee. In these capacities, I’ve been privileged to work with driven peers, generous mentors, and inspirational faculty from around the country. Some of my contributions thus far include the creation of a Medical Student Ambassador (MSA) Scholarship, development of a novel SAEM Education Committee/RAMS Board collaboration webinar, authorship of an SAEM Pulse article describing the MSA program, and participation in RAMS Board development and multi-institutional discussions regarding ongoing workforce issues. In addition to my contributions as a RAMS Board member, I was delighted to contribute to the SAEM21 virtual meeting as a Medical Student Ambassador.

    I hope to continue to help my peers become more involved in the greater academic EM community via annual meetings, webinars, pursuit of mentorship, and support for their own project ideas. I think this is more important than ever given the ongoing discussion on the EM workforce. Students and residents deserve to have all the support RAMS can provide as they navigate this ever-evolving terrain."

  • Ryan Pappal
    Ryan D. Pappal, BS, NRP


    Washington University in St. Louis

    "I grew up in San Antonio, Texas and attended undergrad at Rice University and was a paramedic and a member of the leadership board of Rice Emergency Medical Services. I attend medical school at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis where I am currently an M4, applying into emergency medicine. I have served on the RAMS Research Committee for two terms and as a medical student representative on the RAMS Board for two terms.

    When I first joined the RAMS Research Committee four years ago, I was struck by how inviting and warm all of the other resident and medical student members were. I immediately felt like I was part of a community where I could make an impact, especially for medical students like me who are interested in Emergency Medicine. I was lucky enough to serve as a representative on the RAMS Board during medical school and would feel honored to be elected again to continue my work promoting medical student and resident involvement in Emergency Medicine."


Medical Student Representative


  • Balint Photo - Stephanie Balint
    Stephanie Balint

    Medical Student Representative

    Quinnipiac University

    "Currently I am a first-year medical student at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. I am also an advanced practice registered nurse in the emergency department (ED) at a community hospital in Connecticut. I found my passion for emergency medicine in 2008 as an EMT. I went to nursing school and then after five years of ED nursing, I went back to school for my nurse practitioner (NP) degree. During NP school I realized I wanted even more, so now I am in medical school to learn every facet of emergency medicine (EM) I can pick up during this four-year journey. Since 2008, I have been fortunate to work with amazing EM physicians who simultaneously serve as educators, leaders, and morale boosters for the department, all while providing patient care. I hope that someday I can wear all those hats too. I want to get involved with SAEM RAMS early on because I want to give back to the specialty that has already done so much for me."

  • LaurenDiercksPicture - Lauren Diercks
    Lauren Diercks

    Medical Student Representative

    UT Southwestern Medical Center

    "I am a second-year medical student at UT Southwestern (UTSW). I have a BS in marketing from the University of Kansas. I am currently president of the Emergency Medicine Interest Group and Simulation Interest group at UTSW and am also advocacy chair of the Texas College of Emergency Physicians Medical Student Committee. I would like to get involved in emergency medicine (EM) on the national level. I see EM as my future career so I would like to soak up as much knowledge as possible as a medical student so I can match my passion with my experience as my clinical knowledge grows. My previous experience with SAEM is presenting abstracts at the past two annual meetings."