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Secretary Candidates


  • Muir,Jennifer-c57 - iJennifer Muirlg
    Jennifer Patton Muir, EdD, MBA

    East Carolina University

    Jennifer Muir is the administrator for the department of emergency medicine at the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University. She holds a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, Master of Business Administration, and a Doctor of Education in Higher Education Administration.

    Dr. Muir has worked in higher education for more than 14 years in various administrative roles, including director of employment in human resources and executive director of business and administrative affairs in the College of Nursing. She has been in her current position in the department of emergency medicine for the past four years. In her administrative roles she has been heavily involved in strategic planning, program development, financial management, human resources management, and policy development.

    Jennifer is the co-president of the North Carolina Chapter of the College and University Professional Association of Human Resources where she has served on the board for the past 10 years and is the vice chair of the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) of the Carolinas Regional Advisory Board where she has served for the past year. In addition, she previously served as an at-large-member on the executive committee and has been serving for the past two years on the Benchmarking and Strategic Planning Committees within AAAEM.

    Being involved and present in professional organizations which have a significant impact on the field that serve is extremely important. It keeps you engaged, informed, and inspired to contribute and to learn from others in your field. For the past two years, being involved in committees has allowed Dr. Muir to stay engaged and participate in moving the organization forward. Serving as the secretary on the AAAEM Executive Committee will allow her to make a broader impact by contributing to executive committee initiatives and continuing to participate in leadership and strategic initiatives within the academy.

  • AY seated pic1 - Shannon Giger
    Shannon Kay Hughen-Giger, MHA

    University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

    Shannon has been an SAEM/AAAEM member for three years and in emergency medicine for more than three years. She has a Master of Health Administration and is currently working on achieving the AAAEM Certificate in Academic Emergency Medicine Administration (CAEMA).  She has been in health care for more than 15 years. She hopes to serve the committee and its membership toward the goals set by the executive committee and strategic planning committee, enhancing listserv usage and engaging members in inventive new ways.


Member-at-Large Candidates


  • Kennedy - Drew Kennedy
    Andrew D. Kennedy, MBA

    University of Alabama at Birmingham

    Andrew D. Kennedy came to emergency medicine in late 2015 after many years working in surgery. Thankfully, his chair at the time enthusiastically supported him joining AAAEM. It did not take long for Andrew to realize what a tremendous resource AAAEM was and continues to be for both new and seasoned administrators in this specialty. He has benefited greatly from what AAAEM has to offer and highly values the association he is constantly able to make with colleagues of the highest caliber and character.

    Since completing the inaugural Certificate in Academic Emergency Medicine Administration (CAEMA) course in 2018, Andrew has continued to look for ways AAAEM can best serve him as an executive administrator at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and how he can be engaged to serve the organization in return. His membership has been rewarded by the insights gained and the connections he has made through the communications and strategic planning committees. As an example of how this organization remains relevant to our lives as administrators and continues to offer opportunities to learn and contribute, Andrew is also very proud to serve on the first iteration of the IDEA committee this year.

    Completing a third year as chair of the AAAEM Strategic Planning Committee, Andrew recognizes AAAEM as an invaluable occupational resource, but also as a wonderful professional organization in which to be a member. If you can’t find an answer on how to deal with a specific issue (rare), you can at least find encouragement from caring colleagues. As a member-at-large, he would welcome the opportunity to continue to serve the organization and its members, both new and not so new, by extending the example of past leadership and engaging the active participation of newer members.

  • MAXWELL_Steve4x5 - Steve Maxwell
    Steve Maxwell, MSM

    University of Michigan

    It is with great enthusiasm that I express my strong interest for the AAAEM Executive Committee role. My emergency medicine experience includes the last seven years as chief department administrator at the University of Michigan. Prior to joining emergency medicine, I held roles as the administrator for general surgery and the director of finance for the Frankel Cardiovascular Center, both at the University of Michigan. Other health care experiences prior to joining the University of Michigan include the director of finance at an integrated system in southeast Michigan, and other finance roles at hospitals in San Antonio, Texas and Panama City, Florida. I began my career in banking in the early 90s while living in Washington, DC.

    My bachelor's degree is from Michigan State University and I have a master's degree in finance from Troy University. My volunteer experience with AAAEM includes the last six years participating on the benchmark committee. I have utilized this opportunity to focus on the research side of the survey and have been fortunate to be able to present some of the research finding on behalf of the committee to the AAAEM conference as well as at the SAEM Annual Meeting.

    For the last three years I have also participated on the strategic planning committee and helped in developing the survey that was distributed earlier this year.

    I have gained much from my participation with AAAEM and have found great value in using the data from our survey to influence decisions at my home institution. I believe that joining the board would provide an additional avenue for engagement and an opportunity to engage in some areas of the specialty that I find interesting.

    I am excited to submit this letter and to be considered for this board. I have gained greatly from the society and appreciate the opportunity to continue contributing to an organization that has provided so much value to me. I look forward to a continued partnership with the other members and sharing how my passions, skills, and experiences can contribute to the AAAEM leadership team. I appreciate the opportunity to be considered for this important role.

  • Travis Schmitz, PhD, MBA

    Travis Schmitz is the administrator at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago, IL.  He has a PhD from the University of Mississippi Medical Center and an MBA from Millsaps College. Travis has been on the executive committee as an at-large member for the past three years and previously served as chair of the education committee. he currently serves as co-director of the Certificate in Academic Emergency Medicine Administration (CAEMA) program, alongside Ashlee Melendez. Travis is running for another term as an at-large member to continue the exceptional work our executive committees have done over the past decade. Specifically, he has always had a concern for new member engagement and ensuring that we are doing everything we can to bring people into the fold. He has gained so much incredible insight from AAAEM and wants everyone else to have that same experience.