For gifts and pledges between January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021

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Each year we are able to make a significant investment in emergency medicine’s future by funding close to $700,000 in grants. This is only possible through the generosity of our Annual Alliance donors. A special thanks to these visionary donors who make the SAEM Foundation’s work possible and who are partnering with us to award more, and larger grants. Commit yearly to the Foundation by joining a community of like-minded individual’s intent on producing quality research and education that will change the future of the specialty.




Steven L. Bernstein, MD
Michelle Blanda, MD
Drs. Gail D'Onofrio and Robert Galvin
James F. Holmes, Jr., MD, MPH
James J. McCarthy, MD
Angela M. Mills, MD
Ali S. Raja, MD
Megan N. Schagrin, MBA, CAE, CFRE
J. Adrian Adrian Tyndall, MD, MPH
Gregory A. Volturo, MD
Richard E. Wolfe, MD – in memory of Peter Rosen, MD
Brian J. Zink, MD – in memory of Audrey Zink


Sustaining Donors

Anonymous (1)
Thomas C. Arnold, MD
Steven B. Bird, MD
Andra L. Blomkalns, MD, MBA
David F.M. Brown, MD
James E. Brown, Jr., MD
Charles B. Cairns, MD
Brian Hiestand, MD, MPH
Robert S. Hockberger, MD
James W. Hoekstra, MD
Amy H. Kaji, MD, PhD
Nathan Kuppermann, MD, MPH
Michelle Lall, MD, MHS
Louis J. Ling, MD
Ian B.K. Martin, MD, MBA
Roland Clayton Merchant, MD
Andrew S. Nugent, MD
Susan B. Promes, MD, MBA
Niels K. Rathlev, MD
Kirsten L. Rounds, RN, MS
Michael S. Runyon, MD, MPH – In memory of John A. Marx, MD
Manish N. Shah, MD, MPH
David P. Sklar, MD – In memory of Lou Binder, MD and John Marx, MD
Benjamin C. Sun, MD, MPP
J. Scott VanEpps, MD, PhD


Advocate Donors

Srikar R. Adhikari, MD, MS
Harrison J. Alter, MD, MS
Brian J. Browne, MD
Chris Carpenter, MD, MSc and Panechanh Carpenter
Anna Marie Chang, MD
Carl Chudnofsky, MD and Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California
Wendy C. Coates, MD
Jim Comes, MD
Deborah B. Diercks, MD, MSc
Gregory J. Fermann, MD
Nina Gentile, MD
Charles J. Gerardo, MD, MHS
Kevin Kotkowski, MD, MBA
Robert F. McCormack, MD
Zachary F. Meisel, MD, MPH, MSc
Lawrence A. Melniker, MD, MS, MBA
Joseph Miller, MD
Nicholas M. Mohr, MD
Paul I. Musey, Jr., MD
Robert W. Neumar, MD, PhD
David T. Overton, MD
Edward A. Panacek, MD, MPH
Arthur M. Pancioli, MD
Peter S. Pang, MD -- In honor of Yung-soo and Jungsook Pang
Ralph J. Riviello, MD, MS
Elizabeth M. Schoenfeld, MD, MS
David C. Seaberg, MD
Peter E. Sokolove, MD
Jody A. Vogel, MD, MSc, MSW
David W. Wright, MD


Mentor Donors

James G. Adams, MD
Opeolu M. Adeoye, MD
Pooja Agrawal, MD and Arjun Venkatesh, MD
Christine A. Babcock, MD, MSC
Michael R. Baumann, MD
Daren M. Beam, MD
Michelle H. Biros, MD, MS
Michael D. Brown, MD, MSc
Yvette Calderon, MD, MS
Michael Callaham, MD
Chad M. Cannon, MD
Brendan G. Carr, MD
Jeffrey M. Caterino, MD, MPH
Theodore Chan, MD
Andrew K. Chang, MD, MS
Theodore A. Christopher, MD
Francis L. Counselman, MD
Elizabeth Datner, MD
Daniel J. Egan, MD
Robert Eisenstein, MD
Marie-Carmelle Elie, MD
David A. Farcy, MD
Robert Femia, MD
Chris Fox, MD
Andy A. Godwin, MD
Prasanthi (Prasha) Govindarajan, MD, MAS
Azita G. Hamedani, MD, MPH, MBA
Richard J. Hamilton, MD
Mark C. Henry, MD
Erik P. Hess, MD
Nicholas J. Jouriles, MD
Michael F. Kamali, MD
Gabor D. Kelen, MD
Babak Khazaeni, MD
Terry Kowalenko, MD
Dick C. Kuo, MD
Lilly Lee, MD
Eric L. Legome, MD
Christopher McDowell, MD, MBA, MEd
L Kendall McKenzie, MD
James R. Miner, MD
Bryn Mumma, MD, MAS
Lewis S. Nelson, MD
Robert E. O'Connor, MD, MPH

Brian J. O'Neil, MD
Jonathan S. Olshaker, MD
Dimitrios Papanagnou, MD, MPH
Denis Pauze, MD
Ava Pierce, MD, In honor of Dr. Leon Haley
Scott W. Rodi, MD, MPH
Robert W. Schafermeyer, MD
Jay Schuur, MD, MHS
Rawle Anthony Seupaul, MD
Rahul Sharma, MD, MBA
Robert Shesser, MD
Leslie V. Simon, DO
Susan A. Stern, MD
Jeffrey Stowell, MD
Mary E. Tanski, MD, MBA
J. Jeremy Thomas, MD, MBA
Terry L. Vanden Hoek, MD
Michael J. VanRooyen, MD, MPH
Michael C. Wadman, MD
Elizabeth Lea Walters, MD
Richard D. Zane, MD
James M. Ziadeh, MD


Young Professional

Anonymous (5)
Benjamin Abella, MD, MPhil, FACEP
Juan Fernando Acosta, DO, MS, FACEP, FAOGME
Rik Austin, MD, CHSE
Aaron Barksdale, MD
Christopher Bennett, MD, MA
William F. Bond, MD, MS
Douglas M. Char, MD
Bernard P. Chang, MD, PhD
Brian F. Chinnock, MD
Samuel O. Clarke, MD, MAS
D. Mark Courtney, MD
Valerie Dobiesz, MD, MPH
Petra Duran-Gehring, MD
Carly Eastin, MD
Robert Ehrman, MD, MS
Ray Fowler, MD, FACEP
Caroline Freiermuth, MD, MHS
Benjamin W. Friedman, MD
Romolo J. Gaspari, MD
Elizabeth Goldberg, MD, MSm, In honor of Maria Bornhorst
Colin F. Greineder, MD, PhD
Katherine L. Heilpern, MD
Sheryl L. Heron, MD, MPH
Jason Hoppe, DO
Namita Jayaprakash, MB Bch BAO, MRCEM
M. Austin Johnson, MD, PhD
Michael F. Kamali, MD
Christopher S. Kang, MD
Keith E. Kocher, MD, MPH
Ryan LaFollette, MD
Robert L. Levine, MD
Seth Lotterman, MD
Carmen J. Martinez Martinez, MD, MSMEd
Kerry McCabe, MD
Danielle M. McCarthy, MD, MS
Taylor McCormick, MD
Steven A. McLaughlin, MD
Shannon E. Moffett, MD
Philip A. Mudd, MD, PHD
Jessie G. Nelson, MD
Jennifer Newberry, MD, JD
Marquita S. Norman, MD, MBA
Viral Patel, MD
Mike Alexander Puskarich, MD, MS
Martin Reznek, MD, MBA
Lynne D. Richardson, MD
Kaushal H. Shah, MD
Gregory Ryan Snead, MD
Harsh P. Sule, MD, MPP
Joby Thoppil, MD, PhD
Meredith Kathleen Von Dohlen, MD
Laura Walker, MD
Sandy L. Werner, MD
Taneisha Wilson, MD


Resident Donors

Elizabeth Rhea Erwin Burner, MD
Andrew Starnes, MD, MPH
Wendy W. Sun, MD


Medical Student Donors

Noemi Bower


All Additional Donors

Anonymous (14)
Anonymous, in honor of AWAEM
Anonymous, in honor of Chris Carpenters Diagnostic Series
Beau Abar, PhD
David Adler, MD, MPH
Hany Atallah, MD
Matthew Babineau, MD
David G. Beiser, MD
Drew Birrenkott, MD, DPhil
Cindy Bitter, MD, MPH
Cassandra Kim Bradby, MD
John Burkhardt, MD, PhD
Carlos A. Camargo, Jr., MD, DrPH
Douglas M. Char, MD
Mary Chang, MD, MPH
Eric Cioe-Pena, MD, MPH
Emily Cleveland Manchanda, MD, MPH
Devjani Das, MD
Scott M. Dresden, MD, MS
Jeff Druck, MD
Henry Epino, MD
Ramana Feeser, MD
Tsion Firew, MD, MPH
Jonathan Fisher, MD, MPH
Jennifer Frey, PhD
Fiona E. Gallahue, MD
Romolo J. Gaspari, MD
Lowell W. Gerson, PhD
Nicholas Giordano
Katrina Gipson, MD, MPH
Michael A. Gisondi, MD
Nikhil Goyal, MD
Joshua Guttman, MD
Karisa K. Harland, PhD
Mark Hauswald, MD
Steven Haywood, MD
Carleigh F. F. Hebbard, PhD, MD
Jeffrey Hom, MD, MPH
Kevin Hon, MD
Peter Chuanyi Hou, MD
Eric D. Isaacs, MD
David H. Jang, MD, MSc
Joshua Joseph, MD, MSE, MBE
Heidi Knowles, MD
Damon R. Kuehl, MD
Christine Kulstad, MD
Aaron Raymond Kuzel, DO, MBA
Alden M. Landry, MD, MPH
Alexander T. Limkakeng, Jr., MD
Judy Linden, MD
Shan Liu, MD
Yiju Teresa Teresa Liu, MD
Robert Augustus Lowe, MD, MPH
Joshua Lupton, MD
Dan Mayer, MD
Kerry McCabe, MD
Colleen McQuown, MD
Chadwick Miller, MD
Shannon E. Moffett, MD
Joel L. Moll, MD
Andrew B. Moore, MD
Kristen Mueller, MD
Mark B. Mycyk, MD
Kat Nagasawa, MBA
Lewis S. Nelson, MD
Jeffrey A. Nielson, MD
Laura Nolting, MD
Kelli O'Laughlin, MD, MPH
Alim Pardhan, MD
James Paxton, MD
Marc A. Probst, MD, MS
Christian D. Pulcini, MD, MEd, MPH
Michael S. Radeos, MD, MPH
Stacy L. Reynolds, MD
Lynn Palacol Roppolo, MD
Livia Santiago-Rosado, MD
Kori Sauser Zachrison, MD, MSc
Willard W. Sharp, MD, PhD
Jeff Siegelman, MD
Howard A. Smithline, MD
Gregory Ryan Snead, MD
Emily Spileth Binstadt, MD
Christine Stehman, MD
Matthew Strehlow, MD
Tania D. Strout, PhD, RN, MS in Honor of Dennis L. Shaffer
Megan Supinski, MD
Pawan Suri, MD
Lindsay Taylor, MD
Sophie Terp, MD, MPH
Daniel L. Theodoro, MD
Melissa Alexis Thomas, MD
William F. Toon, EdD, RPN
Stacy Trent, MD
Andrew S. Ulrich, MD
Jacqueline A. Ward-Gaines, MD
Susan Watts, PhD, In honor of AWAEM
Dustin Williams, MD
Jeannette Wolfe, MD
Julie Wolfe
Nancy E. Wood, MS




As of September 28, 2021