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"Evaluation of the Human Immune Response to North American Crotalid Envenomation" 

This project will be a prospective observational cohort study of the human immune response to the venom of native North American crotalids. Its objectives are to characterize the development of human anti-venom antibodies (hAVAB) in envenomated patients, and, to build a cohort of biosamples from these patients. Our research will further elucidate the pattern of development of hAVAB directed against crotalid venom, and provide a biosample cohort that will support further research into the human immune response to crotalid venom. It is anticipated that this research may lead to improved understanding of the mechanism of action of crotalid venom, and potentially to the development of novel therapeutics for crotalid evenomation.


  • Kevin Baumgartner cropped

    Kevin Baumgartner, MD

    Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine

    “Evaluation of the Human Immune Response to North American Crotalid Envenomation"