Amanda Purdy

UC Irvine School of Medicine

"Emergency Medicine Cadaver Procedure Elective"
SAEMF Emergency Medicine Medical Student Interest Group Grant


UC Irvine Health School of Medicine‚Äôs Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) will organize and coordinate a new Emergency Medicine Cadaver Procedure Elective for first and second year medical students. The elective will consist of multiple sessions, where students will be exposed to a variety of procedures, including: intubation, cricothyrotomies, chest tube placement, thoracotomies, ultrasound-guided central line placement, and suturing. These procedures are often performed in urgent situations, where training the medical student falls second to the priority of resuscitating the patient. In light of this, the elective will provide students with the time to fully understand each procedure, ask questions, and gain realistic hands-on practice without endangering patients. In addition, many students have insufficient exposure to emergency medicine prior to their fourth year clerkship. This necessitates the creation of additional opportunities for first and second year students to explore the field of EM. The EM Cadaver Procedure Elective will give students this opportunity by providing exposure to the procedural roles of EM physicians, while fostering interest in the field. 

Research Results

As students practiced procedures, they were able to interact with EM attending physicians, residents, and EM-bound senior students. Students appreciated this extra aspect of mentorship. They were able to ask questions about life as an EM physician and how to stand out as an applicant. Overall, this was an extremely successful event met with glowing feedback from attendees and volunteers.