Climate Change & Health Interest Group

The environment influences health in many ways from direct heat-related illnesses to acute exacerbations of underlying respiratory, cardiovascular, or psychological disorders (see CDC image). We see the adverse health effects to patients when caring for them in emergency departments. The health impacts of a warming planet and climate change are not always as clear for other community members.

As such, we invite an informal dialogue on climate and health between you (a medical student, EM trainee or physician) and a member of the community. The discussion could be 15 minutes or 60 minutes and virtual or safely distanced in-person. There are no requirements, just an opportunity to learn and discuss what we see with others. It also is a chance for you to learn more about another area outside of medicine as climate and health uniquely intersects multiple sectors.

Examples of professions/people to meet with:

  • Meteorologist
  • Climate scientist
  • Public health professional
  • Engineer
  • Wastewater treatment plant worker
  • Policymaker- local or national
  • Teacher
  • Youth leader
  • Local non-profit
  • Spiritual leader
  • Journalist
  • Veterinarian
  • Hospital supply chain purchaser
  • Farmer
  • Business owner
  • Sustainability lead
  • Others- be creative!

Before you go:

Confirm Date and Time of Meeting, be prompt.
May look through the one-page fact sheet on Climate & Health if you are new to the discussion. No need to be an expert!
Other Resources as interested for health professionals..

You are done, now what?

Submit a tweet to Feel free to add a picture if you took one! Make sure to include the hashtags #50StateChallenge #[STATE ABBREVIATION]

Other Considerations:

#ClimateChangesHealth @SAEM_RAMS @docforclimate #CCHIG (Climate Change & Health Interest Group) #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency

No political information in tweets but it is okay to meet with policymakers.

We are compiling our outreach across the country with a goal to meet in every state so make sure to include where you were. You are free to cross state lines too with virtual meetings!

Follow-up on any discussion items you had. Consider collaborating on research projects or outreach if interested.

Join the SAEM Climate Change and Health Interest Group!

Example Tweets:

Learned about the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) today! They are working to build energy resilience in communities to support public health during disasters and pollution events. #50StateChallenge #CO #ClimateChangesHealth @SAEM_RAMS

Enjoyed a coffee with the hospital sustainability lead and heard about how the hospital food industry is reducing food waste. #50StateChallenge #OH #ClimateChangesHealth

Met with a local fisherman and discussed the impact of wildfires on local fish species and food security. #50StateChallenge #CA #ClimateChangesHealth

Talked with an environmental scientist and learned about a Climate Change and Human Health literature portal @NIEHS with up-to-date evidence. We are going to partner on a research project! #50StateChallenge #MD #ClimateChangesHealth

Wonderful meeting with a local meteorologist to discuss climate change and communicating disaster threats to public audiences. #50StateChallenge #FL #ClimateChangesHealth

Learned about the impact of drought and extreme heat on crop production from a local farmer. We talked about heat-related illnesses and hazards for outdoor workers. #50StateChallenge #AZ #ClimateChangesHealth

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the 50StateChallenge Team at: