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As a benefit for CDEM and SAEM members, you can now list research projects you are seeking collaboration. CDEM and SAEM members are able to review the opportunities and reach out to the contact for the projects that interest them.

To submit a research project, please send the title, brief description, and contact information (name, institution, and email) to

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Research Opportunities

The most recent submitted opportunities are listed at the top.

Research Topic: Using patient feedback in the medical student clerkship

Description: We are looking to collaborate in a multicenter study using patient feedback for teaching and/or assessing communication skills in the medical student clerkship. We have trialed the Communication Assessment Tool at our institution and have found some benefit. We are looking for others who may have used this or another patient feedback tool previously or would like to do so in the future.

Contact: Nicole Dubosh, MD
Institution: Harvard Medical School
posted November 14, 2019

Research Topic: Medical student tracks for focused instruction during EM clerkship

Description: I am seeking to create focused tracks for instruction within specific areas (cardiovascular, toxicology, pediatrics for starters) during a standard EM rotation. There will be a pretest given to the students to identify the area of dedicated study that will most beneficial. The student will then receive study materials within that topic that they are responsible for self studying over the course of the rotation. A post-test will be given at the end of rotation to assess gain in knowledge. This project is in the early stages, including the development of the pre and post tests, creation of a baseline knowledge gain over the course of the EM rotation prior to track establishment, and the generation of the study materials. I would love to discuss this plan with any interested parties. Obviously, recruiting multiple sites for this project would increase the generalizability of our results.

Contact: David Story, MD
Institution: Wake Forest University School of Medicine
posted November 14, 2019