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Additional Committees

The Grants Committee facilitates the grant process and ensures resources for education related grants.

The Membership and Engagement Committee encourages membership in CDEM and manages the directories.

The Research and Scholarship Committee fosters inter-institutional research collaborations and other education research activities.

If you have questions or would like to join an CDEM committee, please email

Involvement in Other Organizations

In addition to CDEM's internal committees, our members are connected and involved with other organizations, such as:

Alliance for Clinical Education (ACE) is a multidisciplinary group comprised of organizations whose mission is medical student education. As a member, CDEM has representatives on its various committees:

  • ACE Executive Committee Representative
  • ACE Communications Committee
  • ACE Publications Committee
  • ACE Research Committee

CDEM worked in conjunction with the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) to develop the original EM Advanced Clinical Examination. Members of this task force continue to work with the NBME in question development and review.

SAEMF EMIG Grant Review Committee reviews the grants submitted by EM interest groups applying for the SAEM medical student grant. The committee provides recommendations to the CDEM Executive Committee for approval.

The  CORD Program Committee oversees the CDEM track at the annual CORD Academic Assembly. This involves soliciting proposals, selecting proposals, and organizing the program. The committee is lead annually by two co-chairs.