AAAEM Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is designed to provide leadership and act on behalf of the general membership to further the mission of AAAEM and conduct its business activities.  All officers of the Executive Committee shall by all reasonable means attend the executive meetings, the AAAEM annual meeting and perform their assigned duties accordingly.  The Executive Committee consists of the following roles:  President, President-Elect, Past­-President, Secretary, Treasurer and four members at large. The Executive Committee provides oversight to the other committees.

2021-2022 Executive Committee 

  • President -Kain Robbins
  • Immediate Past President - Amy Jameson, MPhil, MA, MBA
  • President-Elect - Amy Jameson, MPhil, MA, MBA
  • Secretary- David Christiansen, MBA
  • Treasurer- Becky McGowan, MBA
  • Members-at-Large 
    • TBD (SAEM President Associate)
    • TBD (AACEM President Associate)
    • Jennifer Patton Muir, MBA
    • Travis W. Schmitz, PhD, MBA

2020-2021 Executive Committee 

  • President -Rhea Begeman, RN, BSN, MS
  • Immediate Past President - Ashlee Melendez, MSPH, BSN 
  • President-Elect - Kain Robbins
  • Secretary- Amy Jameson, MPhil, MA, MBA
  • Treasurer- David Christiansen, MBA
  • Members-at-Large 
    • Jennifer Wyatt (SAEM President Associate)
    • Christine Montgomery, MHA (AACEM President Associate)
    • Janet L. Sherry
    • Travis W. Schmitz, PhD, MBA



2020- Rhea Begeman, RN, BSN, MS
2019- Ashlee Melendez, MSPH, BSN 
2018 - Greg Archual
2017 - Antoinette Brooke
2016 - Louis Burton
2015 - Kirsten Rounds
2014 - Linda Davis-Moon
2013 - Richard McAdam
2012 - Jill Zaheer
2011-2012 - James Scheulen
2010-2011 - Ken Marx

Past Meeting Minutes