Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning Committee's charter is to construct the AAAEM of tomorrow. The committee recommends AAAEM's long and short term strategies for effective operations. 

Kathleen Acevedo (Chair)
Gai Cole
Tim Sullivan, MHA, FACHE
Andrew Kennedy, MBA
Jennifer Patton Muir, MBA
Michael DeGuzman, MPH, FACHE
Becky McGowan
Keith Kalbach
Justine Murphey


3-5 Year Goals and Objectives (as of 2017):

National Recognition

Goal:  AAAEM and its members are nationally recognized through publishing and presentations.


  1. Increase recognition in peer reviewed journals.
  2. Increase recognition through presenting research at regional and/or national meetings.
  3. Increase recognition through presenting expert content at regional meetings.

Member Development

Goal:  AAAEM members are regarded as credible counterparts.


  1. Investigate the possibility of creating a certificate program.
  2. Elevate the value of administrators within EM through Society education offerings.

Member Engagement/Greater Integration in SAEM 

Goal:  AAAEM members have greater influence within SAEM.


  1. Increase percentage of AAAEM members actively participating in SAEM committees.
    • Define committee membership roles.
    • Enhance committee chair role description.
    • Enhance expectations of committee outcomes.
    • Establish committee size and guidelines.
  2. Improve new member on-boarding process.
  3. Increase AAAEM involvement in SAEM programming.
    • Create an administrative track/focus area at SAEM meeting.
    • Appoint an AAAEM group to develop the content to submit for the focus area.
    • Advocate for the development of this new area.
    • Solicit support from AACEM to further this idea.
    • Create a permanent/standing position for an AAAEM member on the SAEM program committee.
    • Advocate for AAAEM participation in the didactic review process for submissions for the focus area.