Simulation Academy Leadership

The Simulation Academy Executive Committee acts on behalf of the general membership to further the mission of Simulation Academy and conduct its business activities. It is composed of a President, President-elect, Immediate past President, Secretary, Treasurer, and four At-large board members. The committee meets monthly via teleconference and has its Academy meeting at the SAEM Annual Meeting.

All Simulation Academy members who are active SAEM members are eligible to be nominated for elected officer positions. Terms of office are one year except for At-Large members who serve for two years with two At-Large members elected each year. 

Simulation Executive Committee



Alise Frallicciardi, MD


Michael Cassara, DO, MSEd


Ryan T. McKenna, DO


Ambrose H. Wong, MD


Michael James Falk, MD

Kimberly Schertzer, MD

Sara M. Hock, MD

Nur Ain Nadir, MD

Past President

Christopher Strother, MD
SAEM Board Liaison

Ali Raja, MD, MBA, MPH

SAEM Staff Liaisons

Melissa McMillian, CNP

Snizhana Kurylyuk