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SAEM Newsletter

The Newsletter of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine is published bi-monthly in identical online and paper editions and provides information on the activities of SAEM and other organizations that have an impact on academic emergency medicine. While only members of SAEM receive the paper version and exclusive direct email links to the Newsletter when it is uploaded to the SAEM website, the online version of the Newsletter is also accessible on the Society's website to the general public to provide anyone with an interest in academic emergency medicine with the latest news, events, and opportunities in the field.

Please review the Newsletter publication guidelines for information on submitting editorial and advertising material for inclusion in the SAEM Newsletter (more information can be found on the Newsletter guidelines page). The advertising order form is available for download. Please note the new rates for 2014.

Current issue (downloadable PDF)

March-April 2014

Current issue Highlights:

p. 4 - President's Message: Remembering Your Passion
p. 5 - Chief Executive's Message: Anniversaries and Celebrations
p. 6 - Member Highlight: Brendan Carr, MD - Bridging Research to Policy
p. 8 - Ethics in Action: Error and Disclosure
p. 10 - Louis S. Binder, MD - Appreciation of a Gentleman
p. 12 - Resident and Student Advisory Committee: From Now Until Residency
p. 16 - Geriatric Emergency Department Guidelines
p. 22 - Academic Announcements
p. 23 - Calls and Meeting Announcements

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Past Issues

Past issues can be found in the SAEM Newsletter Archive.