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Medical Student Resources

Title Author First Name Author Last Name Year Published Format
3 vs 4 year residency program format 2011 [pdf]
All EM Applicant files 2011 [pdf]
Apply to how many programs? 2011 [pdf]
Away rotation elective 2011 [pdf] Lorraine Thibodeau, MD 2011 [Link]
EM Clerkship Primer 2012 [pdf]
EM Clerkship Primer - A Manual for Medical Students David Wald, DO 2011 [pdf]
ERAS application 2011 [pdf]
Fourth-year medical student curriculum 2011 [pdf]
Interviews 2011 [pdf]
Letters of recommendation 2011 [pdf]
Maximize your SLOR Kellogg Adam, MD 2011 [pdf]
Other general advice to applicants 2011 [pdf]
Preapplication checklist 2011 [pdf]
The Residency Interview Jamie Collings, MD 2011 [pdf]
Timeline for application process 2011 [pdf]
USMLE Boards 2011 [pdf]
Your EM Rotation advice 2011 [pdf]