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Welcome Medical Students!

A career in academic emergency medicine is an exciting journey with many rewards. This section of the SAEM will provide information and resources to assist you in planning and achieving your education and long term career goals. We hope this information will enhance your understanding of the important role of academia in improving patient care and deepen your interest in a career in academic emergency medicine.

Residency Directory

  • The SAEM Residency Directory provides detailed information on each of the residency programs approved by the ACGME. You may find residencies by using the map below or by using the search box. 

  • The AMA’s FREIDA database also provides some useful supplemental information.

Clerkship Directory

  • The Clerkship Directory features up-to-date, detailed information about each Emergency Medicine (EM) medical student clerkship rotation in the United States.

Fellowship Directory

  • The Fellowship Directory is a free service developed to provide detailed information on postgraduate fellowship programs in Emergency Medicine. Every effort is made to keep this list as complete and up to date as possible and includes fellowships with and without formal certification pathways.

Student Resources


  • SAEM is pleased to sponsor the Excellence in Emergency Medicine Award. This award is made available to each medical school to select a senior medical student who has demonstrated excellence in the specialty of emergency medicine. Each medical school is limited to one recipient each year.

Medical Student Ambassadors Program

Each year, SAEM seeks out energetic, self-starting, responsible, and enthusiastic medical students to work with the Program Committee at the SAEM Annual Meeting. The Program Committee is responsible for the planning, coordination, and execution of SAEM’s Annual Meeting. The Ambassador programs has many benefits for medical students, including: 

  • Waiver of your registration fee to the SAEM Annual Meeting 
  • Pairing with a member of the Program Committee who will act as an adviser regarding future EM pursuits
  • Opportunity to learn about the current research and educational activities taking place in the field of emergency medicine 
  • Opportunity to form relationships with faculty members from EM programs around the country 
  • A personal letter from the Program Committee chair sent to your dean of student affairs acknowledging your contributions to the PC 
Applications for the Medical Student Ambassador program typically opens during winter. Learn more about the program.

Grants For Medical Students

There are two grants available to medical students through SAEM: