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Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is responsible for the management of the annual awards presented by the RAMS Board to resident and medical student members in recognition of excellence.  Committee tasks include reviewing nominations, selecting recipients, and developing new awards and guidelines.


  • Residency and Medical School Academic EM Video Contest
  • ARMED Scholarship
  • RAMS Medical Student and Resident Innovative Educator Award
  • Best Medical Student Research Award
  • Best Resident Research Award
  • RAMS Leadership Award
  • SonoGames Awards
  • SimWars Awards
  • Regional Competitions
  • RALF Scholarships

Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for developing content and offerings that will enhance the education of emergency medicine residents. In conjunction with SAEM’s Program Committee, the committee also plans and organizes the resident and medical student educational track at SAEM’s annual meeting. Dodgeball, the Resident and Medical Student Party, and other resident- and/or medical student- focused activities at SAEM’s Annual Meeting are also under the purview of the Education Committee.


  • Annual Meeting
  • RAMS-sponsored didactics
  • Speed Mentoring
  • Consider creating our own MedWars
  • Resident and Student Guide to the Annual Meeting
  • Resident Clinician-Educator Series: How to teach in Medicine
  • Clinical Content Series
  • Application podcasts: Released before ERAS, VSAS, etc.
  • RAMS podcasts
  • RAMS section in SAEM Pulse
  • RAMS Newsletter

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for ensuring that the needs of SAEM’s Residents and Medical Students are met. The committee identifies avenues for acquiring new members and makes recommendations to the RAMS Board for enhancements and/or new member benefits for residents and medical students.


  • National EMIG Roster: Create a spreadsheet/mailing list that includes direct emails to all EMIG leaders at major institutions
  • National Roadshows: Take RAMS core topics on the road
  • Regional Meetings: Send a RAMS Board member
  • International Members

Mentorship and Career Development Committee

The Mentorship and Career Development Committee is responsible for developing mentoring opportunities for residents and medical students. The committee identifies resources to assist residents in the successful completion of their residencies and provides guidance to residents and medical students who wish to pursue careers in emergency medicine academics or research.


  • SAEM Roadmaps: The Definitive Guide to Academic EM: A visual guide to different pathways in emergency medicine and how to succeed. Include examples of faculty in different tracks.
  • Who’s Who in Academic EM Series: Spotlight “big names” in emergency medicine and have them answer questions from members in a varied format (podcast, webinar, etc.)
  • “Ask a Chair”: Direct advice from the chair group
  • Academic Career Guide Wiki: With expert guest authors
  • Transition Support: Help trainees navigate big transitions in med school and residency, including operationalizing how to identify and fill sub-I spots
  • Speed Mentoring

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for reviewing all RAMS Board nominees and recommending an official slate of nominees to the RAMS Board for approval. The approved slate will then go to RAMS members for voting.

Research Committee

The Research Committee is responsible for identifying resources and developing educational content for residents and medical students who are interested, or may be currently involved, in emergency medicine research.  The committee also investigates the feasibility of creating research workshops for residents and medical students.


  • Research Advising and Education
  • Resident and Student Research Curriculum: Curate existing SAEM research resources to target trainees
  • Spotlight resident or student regional abstracts in SAEM Pulse
  • SAEMF and RAMS (Resident and Medical Student) Research Grants
  • Annual meeting didactics submitted by students and residents
  • Collaborate with AAAEM/AACEM Benchmark Survey: Incorporate questions relevant to trainees
  • Emergency Medicine Interest Inventory Survey: National survey of med student and intern interests in emergency medicine

Social Media and FOAM Committee

The Social Media and FOAM Committee is responsible for identifying and recommending the best channels through which to reach resident and medical students (e.g., blogs, a resident and medical student newsletter, podcasts, and/or regular articles in SAEM Pulse). Additionally, the committee reviews existing FOAM content and suggests new content that might be of interest to emergency medicine residents and medical students.


  • Updated Residency, Fellowship and Clerkship Directories: Interface similar to Yelp or Zillow, updated in real-time
  • RAMS Section of SOAR: Carve out a digital space with 100% resident and student-driven content.
  • RAMS podcast created by residents and students
  • Peer advice for success in residency, med school, fellowship
  • Career guides from a resident perspective
  • Organized social media push at the annual meeting

Wellness and Resilience Committee

The Wellness and Resilience Committee is responsible for investigating initiatives, including activities at the SAEM annual meeting, that focus on improving the overall, general well-being of emergency medicine residents and medical students. The committee recommends to the RAMS Board which activities or initiatives should be implemented.  


  • Annual meeting events: RAMS party, dodgeball etc.
  • Annual meeting wellness activities: Work with SAEM Program Committee to come up with wellness activities during SAEM18 (meditation rooms, yoga, etc.)
  • Participate in SAEM Wellness Task Force: Help define what members need