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Being an academic emergency physician is about more than taking care of patients, conducting research, or teaching. It's about living your life to the fullest every day. A solid work-life balance will help you achieve your goals and enjoy every moment. 

Jeffrey Kline, MD

Dr. Jeff Kline's research fellowship and early research career focused on cardiac contractility and energy metabolism in shock states. This interest led Dr. Kline to focus on cardiopulmonary stress induced by severe pulmonary embolism. He developed and published a rat model of pulmonary embolism and subsequently began clinical studies using breath-based methods to diagnose and assess the severity of pulmonary embolism in humans. His research interest has expanded to include the development of breath-based devices to diagnose PE and computerized devices to predict pretest probability. He has written 16 US patents for novel medical devices. To help translate these ideas into practice, he co-founded BreathQuant Medical Systems Inc, a privately held medical device company, currently supported by over $6.5MM in venture capital funding. Within the last decade, he has published more than 50 original manuscripts as first or senior author in the area of pulmonary embolism and has trained eight research fellows, all of whom hold faculty positions in emergency medicine.

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