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September 2018
SAEM Research Committee
Featured Digital Highlight: SAEM Research Resources

Research Committee










SAEM's research committee has created a wealth of content to help you in your research endeavors:

Webinars and Research Learning SeriesLive presentations, now recorded, on a variety of research topics
GrantsLinks to a variety of funding opportunities, both within and outside of SAEM
Research Resources

A wealth of information on conducting a research project, organized by stage from planning to publication and beyond

August 2018
SAEM Social Media Committee
Featured Digital Highlight: SAEM’s Got Talent 2018


SAEM's Got Talent - Website


The SAEM Social Media Committee sponsors SAEM's Got Talent, a FOAMed-based competition where social media education creators present on blogs, podcasts, apps, or other forms of FOAMed which they created and maintain. This year’s SAEM’s Got Talent, hosted by thesgem’s Ken Milne, featured three exciting up and coming FOAMed resources, presented by their founders. From the algorithms of, literature reviews of the Ultrasound G.E.L podcast to the FOAMed crowdsourcing of, the future of EM Social Media is bright as SAEM members continue to be  pioneers and continued innovators of FOAMed.

John Dayton HeadShot - Founder John Dayton, MD (@drjohnnyd) from the University of Utah presented MedForums, a website founding on crowd sourcing of online FOAMed content. He identified that there are a plethora of online resources that can be overwhelming, and he has created a forum in which medical professionals can vet the resources and create a ‘yelp’ for FOAMed resources.


View John's SAEM's Got Talent presentation

Tom Fadial HeadShot - Founder Tom Fadial, MD (@thame) a faculty member of UT Houston Department of Emergency Medicine, created a site full of ED-based diagnostic algorithms that can be used as study tools or just-in-time care in an easily digestible flow-chart format in conjunction with WikiEM’s content.


View Tom's SAEM's Got Talent presentation

Michael Prats HeadShot

Ultrasound G.E.L - Founder Michael Prats, MD (@PratsEM) from The Ohio State University created a podcast reviewing the most recent evidence in the Point of Care Ultrasound partnered with online infographics. Two years into their creating, they have a following of over 33,000 downloads per month. Dr. Prats was the winner of this year’s SAEM’s Got Talent!


View Michael's SAEM's Got Talent presentation