Want to make a splash at SAEM?

The Resident and Student Advisory Committee is hosting a brand-new Speed Mentoring event at the SAEM 2017 Annual Meeting! We are seeking charismatic leaders in medical education, career development, and academic research from around the country to volunteer as faculty mentors.

Faculty Wanted!


Speed Mentoring Session

SAEM 2017 Annual Meeting
Orlando, Florida
Wednesday, May 17th
3pm to 5pm

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As a faculty mentor, you will be matched with a small group of 5-10 residents and medical students who share your interests and engage in quick-fire 10-minute mentoring sessions. This is a highly anticipated event sponsored by the SAEM Board of Directors, the SAEM Program Committee, and other SAEM leadership. You will have the opportunity to meet other faculty leaders in your field, start mentoring relationships with learners from around the country, and receive acknowledgement for your efforts.

In addition, you will be added the SAEM Mentorship Database, which will be a gateway to opportunities to mentor and speak at future conferences. You will also have direct access to the entire SAEM resident and medical student community by working with the Resident & Student Advisory Committee.

As a leader in your field, we need your participation to make this event a success. Please contact us at Jean Sun or Rachel Haney if you have any questions or need additional information.

Jean Sun & Rachel Haney Resident & Student Advisory Committee (RSAC) Co-Chairs
Lucia Derks RSAC Mentorship Sub-Committee Co-Chair

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