IGNITE! Thursday, May 18, 2017

Preliminary IGNITE! listings for Thursday, May 18, 2017. Please check back after March 24, 2017 for a real-time, searchable IGNITE! listing at SAEM17.

Course NameSession NameSession StartSession End
IGNITE!An EpiPen Costs What!? What should EMS do to save money and treat our patients?8:00 AM9:50 AM
IGNITE!An Expanding Plague8:00 AM9:50 AM
IGNITE!Catching Craniofacial Complications8:00 AM9:50 AM
IGNITE!Critical Illness, Biomarkers, and the Mitochondria ... Lets get cellular!8:00 AM9:50 AM
IGNITE!Don't Be Duped by RCTs! Use the Fragility Index8:00 AM9:50 AM
IGNITE!Eponymous EKGs: What are all those fancy names and how to remember them8:00 AM9:50 AM
IGNITE!From Rollover MVC to Mass Shooting: Simplifying Life-Saving EMS & ED Care with Templates (or “I Learned How to Cut in Kindergarten Art Class”)8:00 AM9:50 AM
IGNITE!How You Can Readily Win the “Trifecta” Without Losing Your Scrub Top! – Caring for the Older ED Patient8:00 AM9:50 AM
IGNITE!Is the grass really greener on the other side?8:00 AM9:50 AM
IGNITE!Ketamine:  A Love Story8:00 AM9:50 AM
IGNITE!Liquid Gold- Is the urinalysis always the answer in older patients?8:00 AM9:50 AM
IGNITE!My Life in Silicone8:00 AM9:50 AM
IGNITE!Necrotizing Fasciitis: know the water you're swimming in.8:00 AM9:50 AM
IGNITE!Practical Mindfulness in Emergency Medicine  - Thinking Slow & Acting Fast8:00 AM9:50 AM
IGNITE!The Bloody Showdown:  ABG vs VBG!8:00 AM9:50 AM
IGNITE!You're doing it wrong bro! technical tips for placing US guided peripheral IVs.8:00 AM9:50 AM