Didactics - Thursday, May 18, 2017

Preliminary listings of Didactics for Thursday, May 18, 2017. Please check back after March 24, 2017 for a real-time, searchable listing of all didactics at SAEM17.

TrackSession NameSession StartSession End
AdministrationGEMA Didactic Series: Emergency Department Design in Resource-Limited Settings9:30 AM9:50 AM
AdministrationED Pain Management Opportunities : Interdepartmental Programs to Manage Geriatric Fragility Hip Fracture and Sickle Cell Crisis:11:00 AM11:20 AM
Career developmentWomen: Another Underrepresented Minority Group in Emergency Medicine?9:00 AM9:50 AM
Career developmentLessons for Success from the Academic Chairs Perspective10:00 AM10:50 AM
Career developmentSAEM National Grand Rounds: networking session10:00 AM10:50 AM
Career developmentTo Err is Human: Apologizing in the Emergency Department10:00 AM10:50 AM
Career developmentWhat Now?! -- How to successfully thrive at mid-career and beyond10:00 AM10:50 AM
EducationEmergency Essentials for Transgender Patient Care8:00 AM8:50 AM
EducationEducation leadership: Affecting change8:00 AM5:00 PM
EducationCreating Simulation-Based Tools to Assess Students and Trainees in Emergency Medicine8:00 AM5:00 PM
EducationApprenticeship to Independence: Facilitating Entrustment in EM Learners8:00 AM5:00 PM
EducationSAEM's Got Talent- A FOAMed Talent Show of Education / Teaching Methods8:00 AM5:00 PM
EducationEthical Challenges in Emergency Department Pain Management in the Opioid Crisis9:00 AM9:50 AM
EducationGEMA Didactic Series: Managing Mass Casualty Events in Resource-Limited Settings: Lessons Learned and Implications for High Resource Settings9:00 AM9:20 AM
EducationDelivering Culturally Competent Care: The Deaf Patient10:00 AM10:50 AM
EducationUltrasound Evaluation of the Acute Scrotum: The Nuts and Bolts4:00 PM4:20 PM
EducationTo bend but not break: the effect of stress in simulation training4:30 PM4:50 PM
ResearchGender and disparities based global health research, education, and advocacy8:00 AM8:50 AM
ResearchSAEM National Grand Rounds: Presentations8:00 AM8:50 AM
ResearchMeet the Editors: What Journals Want in Medical Education Research8:00 AM5:00 PM
ResearchSAEM National Grand Rounds: Q&A forum9:00 AM9:50 AM
ResearchConflicts about Conflicts of Interest11:00 AM11:20 AM
ResearchThe Nuts and Bolts of Conducting Critical Care Research in the Emergency Department11:00 AM11:20 AM
ResearchThe Top Global Emergency Medicine Articles from 2016: Highlights from the Global Emergency Medicine Literature Review11:00 AM11:20 AM
ResearchGoing for the Gold: Tips for Moving from Early Career Investigator to the RO11:00 PM1:50 PM
ResearchSetting up your own shop: Strategies for transitioning to an independent research program2:00 PM2:50 PM
ResearchMissing Data in EM research: filling in the blanks3:00 PM3:50 PM
ResearchRaising the bar in healthcare simulation research:  implementing concepts of Evidence-Based Medicine to build strong simulation research study protocols3:00 PM3:50 PM
ResearchRotating Research Curriculum: Unlocking the Keys to Well Designed Randomized Control Trials4:00 PM4:50 PM
State of the ArtPain Management in the Older ED Patient: How to Help, How not to Harm8:00 AM8:50 AM
State of the ArtEQUiPPED: Enhancing Quality of Prescribing Practices for older patients in the Emergency Department(ED). How to implement and sustain an effective medication optimization program for older adults discharged from the ED9:00 AM9:20 AM
State of the ArtPalliative Care in Emergency Medicine: Breaking Down the Barriers9:30 AM9:50 AM
State of the ArtCaring for Emergencies in an Aging America – Choosing Wisely in Geriatric Emergency Medicine10:00 AM10:50 AM
State of the ArtCurrent stroke  trials whose outcome will change practice11:00 AM11:20 AM
State of the ArtLung Ultrasound: Beyond the Basics and B-lines1:00 PM1:50 PM
State of the ArtThe Relationship Between Low Dose Radiation from CT Scans and Cancer:  What Is the Real Risk?1:00 PM1:50 PM
State of the ArtControversies in Emergency Ultrasound: The Debate Rages On2:00 PM2:50 PM
State of the ArtOpioid prescribing for acute pain: Appropriate pain management or the start of something bad?2:00 PM2:50 PM
State of the ArtGetting EM OUT of the confines of the department: telemedicine and non-traditional on demand care3:00 PM3:50 PM
State of the ArtOld, not Neutered: A Sex and Gender-Based Approach to the Geriatric Patient in the ED4:00 PM4:50 PM