Didactics - Friday, May 19, 2017

Preliminary listings of Didactics for Friday, May 19, 2017. Please check back after March 24, 2017 for a real-time, searchable listing of all didactics at SAEM17.

TrackSession NameSession StartSession End
AdministrationTaking a Fresh Look: A Panel Examines ED Benchmarking Data for New Insights’8:00 AM8:50 AM
AdministrationBringing State-of-the Art Real-Time-Location-System to the ED – Lessons Learned8:00 AM8:20 AM
AdministrationApplying Systems Engineering to Improve ED Patient Experience8:30 AM8:50 AM
AdministrationImplementing a Philanthropic Fund-Raising Program to Support Emergency Medicine9:00 AM9:50 AM
AdministrationClinical Event Debriefing (CED): Why your ED needs a CED program and how to implement it.11:00 AM11:50 AM
Career developmentWhich Medical Education Fellowship is Right for You?8:00 AM8:50 AM
Career developmentWeathering the storm - How to survive a change in departmental leadership.11:00 AM11:20 AM
Career developmentChannel Your Inner EQ: Emotional Intelligence for Today’s Scholar, Educator & Leader1:00 PM1:50 PM
Career developmentObtaining an Academic Emergency Medicine Position: A Department Chair's Perspective1:00 PM1:50 PM
Career developmentSo Now What?  Climbing the Academic Ladder in Global Emergency Medicine.1:00 PM1:50 PM
Career developmentCareer Pathways for Clinician Educators1:00 PM1:50 PM
Career developmentEffective Letters of Support:  Writing to people who read in between the lines2:00 PM2:50 PM
Career developmentAcademic Leadership 101:  Keys to success in academics that they didn’t teach you in medical school or residency.2:00 PM2:50 PM
EducationMaking Emergency Medicine ‘Sex’-y: tools to liven up your ‘sex and gender based medicine’ knowledge and curriculum8:00 AM8:50 AM
EducationBuilding leadership skills: consider a positive angle8:00 AM8:50 AM
EducationClimate Change and Human Health:  An Educational Imperative for the Future of Emergency Medicine9:00 AM9:50 AM
EducationDe novo development of PA/NP residencies in emergency medicine: Lessons we learned along the way9:00 AM9:50 AM
EducationImprove your teaching by Debunking Education Myths: Evidence-based teaching workshop using articles that will change your teaching practice. (Flipped classroom)9:00 AM9:50 AM
EducationLet’s Teach Our Residents About the 'Soft Skills' That Will Save Them and Their Patients:  Incorporating Emergency Nontechnical Skills into Resident Assessment10:30 AM10:50 AM
EducationMetacognition: The Key to Teaching Excellence10:30 AM10:50 AM
EducationOne topic 3 ways10:30 AM10:50 AM
EducationAfter Doximity: When Students Choose Emergency Medicine and Where they Go10:30 AM10:50 AM
EducationEmergency Medicine Administrative Fellowships: “Why and How?”11:00 AM11:50 AM
EducationMass Gathering Medicine: Current Practices and Challenges11:00 AM11:50 AM
EducationReceiving Feedback:  Put Yourself In the Driver's Seat11:30 AM11:50 AM
EducationWhat the heck is a Wellness Curriculum?1:00 PM1:50 PM
EducationPediatric point-of-care ultrasound: best practices and controversies2:00 PM2:50 PM
EducationSecrets of Diagnostic Imaging for Education, Research, and Publication2:00 PM2:50 PM
ResearchGood, Better, Best:  Approaches to the Resident Scholarly Activity Requirement9:00 AM9:50 AM
ResearchQualitative methods: Beyond the interview and focus group9:00 AM9:50 AM
ResearchAvoiding Common Pitfalls in Institutional Review Board (IRB) Submission9:00 AM9:50 AM
ResearchCritical Approaches to Wilderness Medicine Research: Involving Students, Residents, and Fellows in High Quality Research11:00 AM11:50 AM
ResearchDissemination and Translation of Research Results for Lay Audiences and Policy Makers11:00 AM11:50 AM
ResearchDeveloping the right question for medical education research1:00 PM1:50 PM
ResearchDrugs and Devices: Navigating the Federal Regulatory Environment1:00 PM1:50 PM
ResearchMedical educational research: How to get your education scholarship published.2:00 PM2:50 PM
ResearchPearls and Pitfalls in Interpreting and Designing a Diagnostic Accuracy Study2:00 PM2:50 PM
State of the ArtDirect Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs) in the ER – Indications, Complications, Reversal, and What You Need to Know at the Bedside8:00 AM8:50 AM
State of the ArtWhat you need on social needs: The 10 key Social Emergency Medicine papers of 20168:00 AM8:50 AM
State of the ArtEvent Medicine: An Evolving Academic Discipline for Emergency Medicine10:30 AM10:50 AM
State of the ArtWhat’s New in Behavioral Emergencies10:30 AM10:50 AM
State of the ArtUpping Your Critical Care Game in the ED: Debates from the Recent Literature2:00 PM2:50 PM