Effective Debriefing With Challenging Learners

Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

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Simulation debriefing can be challenging, especially when your learner melts down! Have you ever had a resident or student cry, yell, or just refuse to get off their phone while you are trying to debrief? If so, then this workshop is for you. This half-day workshop will help emergency medicine educators develop their skills in simulation-based debriefing. We aim to raise your debriefing knowledge and skill from basic to advanced! To do this, we will review the art and science of simulation debriefing, then give you a chance to practice with feedback from our experts from the SAEM Simulation Academy and CORD. 

Introduction: Reviewing the art and science of debriefing by discussing... 
Creating a safe learning environment 
Setting expectations 
The fiction contract 
Debriefing techniques such as Gather Analyze Summarize and Good Judgement 
A variety of tips to manage the difficult learner. 

Small groups: 
Learners will participate in a variety of hands-on small groups where they will get to debrief, and be debriefed, with a variety of difficult learners. Each station will add a new skill, or reinforce an old one. 

Wrap up / Q & A: 
We will end with a large group Q & A session with our experts. Tell your stories, ask questions, and get specific tips from simulation and education experts from around the country.